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 Rockin' Star Ranch Yoga Retreat

September 27th - 29th  

  • Friday Evening

    • Bedtime Yin

      • Prepare for bedtime with a quiet and blissful yin yoga sequence 

  • Saturday (choose from) 

    • Yin Yoga​

      • Balance and harmonize your body and mind in tandem by holding static and passive floor postures for a length of time. Discover what life can be like when we slow down and give reverence to our spirited body.

    • Vinyasa Fun Flow 

      • Enjoy a fun intentional rhythmic practice of yoga postures connecting with breath to stimulate, stretch and strengthen muscles.

    • Chakra Healing Yoga 

      • Cleanse and open all 7 chakras with some movement and intention.

  • Sunday

    • Closing Gentle Sankalpa yoga (intention setting) with closing circle (1 hr yoga, 1 hr circle)

  • Extras:

    • Thai Bodywork massage session: 

      • $90=60 minutes

      • $126=90 minutes

    • Reiki session:

      • $90=60 minutes

      • $126=90 minutes

  • Price Details 

  • Ticket Purchase Link? 

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