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On The Ranch Rides



Our On Ranch Rides will provide an experience to fit you and your guests level of comfort, ages and experience.  We have fully customizable rides from length of time (1hr-3hr) to exploring deeper specific topics to improve your riding skills.  We can structure a more “trail based” ride or perhaps you might like to spend time in the arena learning to trot and lope more comfortably. Either way, we will do our very best to see that you have a safe, fun and memorable experience!


In a typical session, you will receive an introduction to our horses by learning the basics of how horses “work”.  Unlike an ATV or automobile, they have thoughts and feelings all their own and want to give you a gentle introduction through basic instructions on the ground before mounting up!  Once mounted, we will help you learn the “controls” of stop, go, turn, slow down and back up.  We will help you practice maneuvering around other horses to maintain each horses’ personal space and safety in the arena and on the trail.  Once everyone is feeling good, its time to explore the ranch! We've got Oryx, Elk, Auodad, Axis deer, Whitetail deer, Rams, and all sorts of other furry little critters that might happen to cross our path.  Click the link below to Book Now!


Non-Mounted Equine Activities:

Maybe riding isn’t your thing, but want to spend time with our horses?  How about learning how to communicate through simple ground exercises and connecting with the horse through a quiet and calm presence?  Or maybe how you can influence this big animal without force? There are many things to learn about horses out of the saddle that can be very fulfilling.  We're happy to show you another way to hang with and appreciate our horses! 

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